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Tae Kwon Do After-School Program & Camps

During the school year, we accept children in Kindergarten through 6th Grade in our After-School Program.  Students have time for homework, extra academic activities, exercises and games on the mat, Tae Kwon Do training, and of course, free-time and play! 

During the Loudoun County Public Schools' Summer Break, Winter Break*, Spring Break*, and the majority of full days off*, we offer a full day camp beginning at 7:00am and closing at 7:00pm.  Our All-Day and Break Camps offer a fun, productive, and safe environment for students to spend their days off from school.  *Tuition for Winter Break, Spring Break, and scheduled days off during the school year is INCLUDED in the After-School Program tuition for all students enrolled full-time in our After-School Program.  We open for Snow Camp on snow days for an added fee.

The first step for enrollment is to call and schedule your child's Tae Kwon Do trial program!

Children at School

After-School Program Schools Served

Transportation is available from the local elementary and middle schools to our location in South Riding. Children work on their homework and participate in educational and fun activities in addition to Tae Kwon Do classes. Our after-school program remains open until 7:00 pm. We have transportation from the following schools.

Little River Elementary School
• Hutchison Farm Elementary School
• Liberty Elementary School
• Cardinal Ridge Elementary School
• Buffalo Trail Elementary School
Pinebrook Elementary School
• Arcola Elementary School
• J. Michael Lunsford Middle School
• Mercer Middle School

Tae Kwon Do Summer Camp & Day Camps

Day camps take place any time the Loudoun County Public Schools are closed, except for the major holidays. On Teacher Work Days,  Winter Break, Spring Break, and the majority of holidays, your children have a safe place to go where they learn more than just a sport. Tae Kwon Do training philosophy promotes family values. On Summer Camp and Full-Day Camp days we are open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m (except Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve, and New Year's Eve, where we have early closure so that our staff can spend time with their families).

Why Choose Union Tae Kwon Do?

As the first martial arts school to open in South Riding, we are so grateful to have had hundreds of South Riding and Aldie residents come through our programs. Many of our students began with us in kindergarten and continued through until the day they left for college, even returning during their school breaks to volunteer and visit.  We strive to create a comfortable, family environment for everyone, where parents can truly feel comfortable leaving their children under the care of our awesome staff. Our After-School and Camp staff is comprised of caring leaders who have devoted their lives to either child development or martial arts.

Children at the Tae Kwon Do Camp