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Tae Kwon Do

Union Tae Kwon Do promotes discipline through physical and mental training.  Students experience increased confidence in their abilities. We teach and train students in the three, traditional areas of Tae Kwon Do:  Forms, Sparring, and Board Breaking.  Our Tae Kwon Do school accepts children (beginning at age 5 or entering kindergarten), teens, and adults who are beginners interested in learning.  We also accept students who have moved to the area and are seeking to continue their training, or students who have previous experience in Tae Kwon Do.

Children Wearing Blue Belts

Trial Period

SPECIAL RIGHT NOW! $20 for two weeks of classes, includes uniform!

All students at Union Tae Kwon Do (Tae Kwon Do program or After-School Program) begin by enrolling in mandatory a trial period. Prospective students should call to discuss their goals and schedule their trial period.

Tae Kwon Do for Children

Tae Kwon Do helps children build character, become physically fit, and learn self-discipline.  We understand that each individual child has his or her own specific needs, and we make every effort to get to know our students so that we can best serve each family's needs.

Tae Kwon Do for Teens & Adults

Children are not the only ones who can benefit from physical activity and increased self-confidence. Whether you want to learn self-defense techniques, increase your physical fitness, or develop your self-discipline and mental strength, Tae Kwon Do is also a great activity for teens and adults.  You may have even seen the UTKD Demo Team at various community events in our area!

UTKD Demo Team 2019