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Union Tae Kwon Do – Parent Testimonials

"Words cannot express the gratitude and thanks that my family has for UTKD's After-School Program. They have been a part of my family for the past 14 years. All my three kids had started at UTKD from kindergarten and since then have grown and matured into amazing and intelligent kids. The solid core values foundation such as discipline, hard work, and respect, laid by them is what made and is making my kids into better, independent, and confident individuals. Thank you, Union Tae Kwon Do." 

– Uthpala (UTKD Family Member, mom of two black belts and one red belt)

"We first enrolled our older son at Union Tae Kwon Do to take classes there when he was 4 years old. We visited at least 4 different places before we visited Mr. Faleski at Union Tae Kwon Do. I distinctly remember the very first time our family met Mr. Faleski. His personality, the environment, the students and everything about that place had such positive vibes that within the first few minutes itself, we knew our son had to be a part of this organization. When our son started his school at LCPS, UTKD became an automatic place for his after school as well. In addition to the skills that he learns during his Tae Kwon Do training, the values, discipline, team spirit, kindness and respect towards others are amongst the many many virtues that he is learning. He is not just taking classes or spending time here after school waiting for us to pick him up, he is building a personality here. And all this, in addition to all the fun he has here. He loves being part his UTKD family. Above all, it is hard to find an institution like Union Tae Kwon Do that goes extra miles to develop a character of the student and hence a future responsible citizens.

We are so grateful to Mr. Faleski and his family for all the efforts they put in everyday in this most amazing organization."
- Pathik and Nitya, parents of a Recommended Black Belt

"In an area filled with several martial arts and after school providers, UTKD stands out for its values, programs and its focus on student enrichment. My children have attended UTKD for about 7 years and here are my observations:

Programs/Extracurricular activities/Community Service: When you go to UTKD, it is not only about TKD instruction and after school care. They offer a great academic enrichment program, excellent TKD instruction, amazing Paddle Ball tournaments, Gavel Club and they actively support and are deeply involved in making the community a better place (by supporting programs like - feed the hungry, breast cancer support, Thanksgiving drives etc.).

Values: Hard work, being responsible and respecting others are part of the core values. My children understood that self-discipline, belt forms, academic excellence, empathy, even getting recognition cards for doing something good - all take patience and hard work. This value, which is hard to reinforce to current generation children, is easily reinforced in an environment like UTKD.

TKD Instruction and Teachers: UTKD's Belt Program isn't commercialized. All levels are carefully taught and well-deserved accomplishments. UTKD instructors and after school teachers are meticulously selected and many of them have been with UTKD for several years. They demonstrate the principles and values of the owners and are extremely professional and courteous. They are proficient not only in the UTKD discipline, but also in dealing with children with patience and understanding. They play interesting games which makes after school so much fun. UTKD is a family of owners and teachers who care about the development of your child like their own family - where your child isn't just another account that gives them business - where your children are understood for who they are and provided the customized attention and growth opportunities.

Cost: You will be surprised how affordable they are in an area filled with highly commercialized aftercare providers – and they are open on all snow days, all teacher work days, most school holidays except major national holidays.

I have sent my children to many other summer camps and seen children from other aftercare providers and am convinced that UTKD is one of a kind - the impact of the discipline, values and academic learning that my children received from UTKD in their foundational years of life is priceless!"  -  Swetha and Aravind, parents of a Recommended Black Belt and a Blue Belt

"Both our girls go to UTKD and love it. They are traditional & non fancy. They are also completely non-commercial - the fees are extremely reasonable and students come by word of mouth with no advertising needed. At after school they have extended hours too for no extra charge. They not only teach Tae Kwon Do in its true form, but also impart discipline, respect and various life lessons in every class - all with a dash of humor.  Master Faleski and Master Lewicki are wonderful role models for the kids. Master Faleski makes it a point to take special interest in each student and has genuine concern for each. The older kids in high school and college come back to teach and mentor as assistants and volunteer during the summer. That says a lot about the school. We have deep respect for Master Faleski and our girls really look up to him. It's like a second home to them. If you want a safe, fun environment while also learning from the very best in the area (they have been around 18 years), then this is the place to send your kids." - The Komanduris, parents of a Brown and Purple Belt

Commending Resolution

Union Tae Kwon Do received a commendation from the Virginia State House of Delegates in 2014. We are extremely proud and grateful for the opportunity to make a valuable contribution to our community.

Commending Union Tae Kwon Do Center
Agreed to by the House of Delegates, March 5, 2014

WHEREAS, Union Tae Kwon Do Center has helped students in the South Riding community achieve self-discipline and lead healthy lifestyles for 15 years; and

WHEREAS, founded by longtime martial artists Randy and Lucia Faleski, Union Tae Kwon Do Center has imparted the values of the school's motto, "Hard Work Equals High Achievement," to thousands of students since 1999; and

WHEREAS, Taekwondo, a modern Korean martial art, combines self-defense techniques with sport, exercise, and physical and mental discipline; and

Lion Dance with Students

WHEREAS, today, the dedicated employees of Union Tae Kwon Do Center, including the Faleskis' daughter, Cecilia, teach students between the ages of five and 60 at two locations in the area; and

WHEREAS, students at Union Tae Kwon Do Center may earn up to 10 different belts as they advance through the ranks; the center's students have shown exceptional commitment to the art, staying with the program for an average of five years; and

WHEREAS, Union Tae Kwon Do Center strives to support and encourage the youth of the community, offering extensive after-school programs and placing a high emphasis on academic achievement; the center led martial arts and fitness activities at four different science, technology, engineering, and mathematics camps in 2013; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED by the House of Delegates, That Union Tae Kwon Do Center hereby be commended on the occasion of its 15th anniversary; and, be it

RESOLVED FURTHER, That the Clerk of the House of Delegates prepare a copy of this resolution for presentation to Union Tae Kwon Do Center as an expression of the House of Delegates' admiration for the center's outstanding service to the South Riding community.